Where It All Started

There’s no secret to making great granola. The right recipe and top quality ingredients go a long way. The integrity to continue using the best ingredients and not cutting corners using our small batch, artisinal baking process is what makes Ladera a long term winner. We don’t use corn syrup or corn oil, but a dark maple syrup and extra virgin olive oil. We mix our granolas literally by hand in small tubs which keeps large halved pecans and sliced almonds whole instead of chopped up by mixers. All our granola is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan with low sugar and high protein content for optimal nutrition and sustained energy.


Brian Tetrud

Ladera Foods all started with Brian’s mother’s original granola recipe, what is now known as the Almond Pecan Granola. Brian baked that granola throughout college and after graduating, started selling, marketing, and distributing, to local markets in Northern California. As Ladera’s popularity grows, so do his responsibilities.

When Brian is not busy with Ladera, you can often find him playing tennis or cooking up some amazing food.


Every bag counts – we give back 5% of profits back to local communities



Our Story

Family values are the guiding forces behind Ladera Granola. The original recipe started in the kitchen of a Stanford Medical Doctor and loving mother of three. With her kids’ best interests at heart, she created foods that promoted their active lifestyles while appealing to their demanding tastes. This vision has since grown beyond the confines of Ladera to support a vibrant healthy and active community across the country.

The vision of Ladera is to support active living by providing the right nutrition. Our recipes come from simple ingredients that we are familiar with and have grown to love. We bake it all in small batches at low temperatures keeping the flavors and health benefits intact.

We recognize the struggle in adopting a diet that is low in sugar and high in protein. The available options can be difficult to swallow. We aim to make this transition seamless by replacing the processed sugars with rich natural flavors. Our goal is to keep you feeling satiated throughout the day and power you through.


Our Values

Nutritious food, community, and charitable giving are the guiding principles behind Ladera Foods. Our focus on reducing sugar consumption to help end obesity and diabetes, specifically for children, drives our passion. Take a look at our sugar content compared to the other name-brand granolas at your local market and you will see how low our sugar content really is and why our granolas keep you feeling satiated and energized so much longer.

We extend our community focus by partnering with local producers who embrace sustainable food systems. This means we are not only supporting our local economy, but ensuring our ingredients are as fresh as possible.

We are creating a network of local charitable partners who support our goal to improve the health of our children. We have some exciting announcements in the works, stay tuned!

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Season's Greetings! Celebrate the holidays with our low-sugar Almond Pecan Granola!

Photo Credit: @recoveryanddiscovery

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Chocolate coconut bites complement this unique acai #smoothiebowl, complete with coconut flakes and our famous Chocolate Almond granola.

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Photo Credit: @kindlyemma
@kindlyemma continues to amaze us turning Ladera's #guiltfree granola into art you can eat! On the menu this morning: strawberry or acai 'nice' cream, shaved coconut, goji berries, and our very own Chocolate Almond Granola.


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Nothing jump starts #productivity quite like a good breakfast. Credit goes to @recoveryanddiscovery for pairing our Almond Pecan Granola with Icelandic vanilla skyr, peanut butter, and frozen raspberries.

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Happy Saturday! Come grab a bag of granola by the beach; Chocolate Almond Granola is back on the shelves in Pacifica! Come find us at the Linda Mar and Manor Plaza Safeways.

Taylor Gall (@taylorshealthyhabits) has perfected the art of "granola design" in this lovely strawberry banana smoothie bowl -- topped by fresh fruit, peanut butter, and our very own Chocolate Almond Granola. Thanks Taylor!

Merry Xmas from all of us here at Ladera Foods! Please enjoy granola responsibly.
Today Ladera's sampling at THE MARKET at Edgewood's Grand Opening in Palo Alto! Come swing by if you'd like a taste!

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Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up to this in the morning?

Featuring our Pumpkin Quinoa granola (vanilla) 
Photo Credit: Maggie Harriman @recoveryanddiscovery

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We were proud to partner with @calfoodinno and @hodosoy for the Fall 2017 Tofu Hackathon at the Haas Innovation Lab at UC Berkeley last weekend! After all, it's hard to innovate on an empty stomach!  #innovate #tofu #granola
And now for something completely different... If your mouth's watering you can thank @recoveryanddiscovery who devised this unique dish featuring our vanilla Pumpkin Quinoa granola, roasted acorn squash, and dried figs!

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Big shout out to Scott who loved our Chocolate Almond granola! Stay awesome, Scott!